What Is Google Ads & Google Ads Campaign Types?

What is Google Ads?

When a user searches on Google for a particular “keyword”, Google displays a list of results. In that result, on top of the page and at the bottom of the page, generally, users tend to see paid campaigns results.

Google Search Ad, Google Search Ad

How Google did determine which ad to show?

Google ad works on Auction. Ads Auction determines on the many factors. Following are the major factors which determine the ads to show on the Google Search Engine Result Page.

Google Ad Auction

Do we have Search Ad Only?

No. Google ad comes up with different ad types. They are:

Campaign Types, Google Ad Campaigns

Let us discuss in detail about the different campaigns:

Search Ad

As the name suggests, it is a text-based advert. Majorly, this ad show on the Google Search Engine Result Page and Partnered Website. These ad works on the based on the user intent keywords while searching on the Google Search Page. Search Ads has multiple properties.

Search Ad Property Type

Important Factors for Search Ads includes

Targeting – location

Search Term & Keywords

Budget & Bids @ campaign-level & Ad-Group level

Landing Page Experience

Content Relevancy

Site Extensions

Negative Keywords

Different Ads

Display Ads

Display ads are shown on a Google Partner website, YouTube, Gmail

As the name suggests, it is an Image or Animated Ads, Banner Ads, 360-degree Display ads, Rich Media Ads, Interstitial Ads, Overlay, 3D Display Ads. There are different sizes of ads one can prepare while running a Display campaign

It allows to ad Keywords, Placements, Remarketing & Retargeting, Topics even the Household incomes

Below are the examples of Display ads.

Display Example, Remarketing Ads

Shopping Ads / Product Listing & Advertising

For online shopping/retailers, this campaign is suitable

Set-up an account with Google Merchandise Store and create your list of products

Shopping Ad Example

Video Ads

Video ads let publisher run the ads on YouTube and Other Partner websites

Bumper Ads also called pre-roll ads

True-view in-stream ads. These ad type will play before or during a video from a YouTube partner. Viewers can Skip the Video ad after 5 seconds, but advertisers only pay for the ad when the viewer watches at least 30 seconds of it or until the end based on your Video length

 True view discovery ads

Video Ad Example

Universal App Promotions

This campaign helps to promote mobile apps across different platforms like Google Search, Google PlayStore, Display, YouTube.

Universal App Example