Software Testing Training Course In Bangalore

Century IT believes that Software Testing Training Course Program will ensure all the necessary knowledge and experience is imparted to the trainees. We provide Online and Classroom software testing training in Automation Testing, Manual Testing, Performance Testing, Security Testing, Automation Framework.

The trainers come with more than 35 years of experience in Software testing who have managed multiple testing teams, built multiple automation framework, automation team, training testers and much more.  At Century you will be trained on the lines of automation framework, automation tool, implementing the real-time project along with all necessary training like Manual Testing, Selenium, C Sharp, Java, Python, TestNG, NUnit, Grid, Page Object Model, SQL, LoadRunner, etc.,

Online and Classroom testing training course available


A robust web automation tool, It comes with a set of different tools each with multiple approaches to support test automation. The set of tools and associated operations provide many options to locate UI elements, comparing the expected result against actual application behavior. Selenium’s key feature is it supporting execution tests on multiple browser platforms.

Automation Framework and Live Project Experience

  • Automation framework – Hybrid Model, Data-Driven Model etc.,
  • Automation Tool and Proof of Concept
  • Automation Framework components
    • Object Repository – Page Object Model with and without Page Factory
    • Page Actions
    • Test Suite and Cases
    • TestNG, NUnit – Unit Test Framework
    • Test Data – Combination of various data set
    • Configuration – Environment, application etc.,
    • Reporting and Logging
    • Generic features – File Handling, reusable funtions etc.,
    • Utilities – Screenshot, Database, Error Logging etc.,
    • Many more…
  • Live Project

Manual Testing Training

Some of the key topics that as part of manual Testing would be covered are

  • Software Development and Test Life Cycle
  • Testing Methodologies
  • BlackBox Testing
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Test Strategy and Planning
  • Test Scenario and Test Case design
  • Test Environment
  • Test Closure and Metrics
  • Bug Life Cycle
  • and Many more…

Performance Testing

Today with the penetration of the internet to every nooks and corner, it has become imperative for browser-based applications to work seamlessly under extreme conditions. Some examples would imagine your mailbox getting crashed because of the volume of users, imagine the speed of transaction because of the high volume of data, imagine the response time because of the load on the server and many such scenarios. In order to achieve better results for your application, performance testing is a must. At Century we offer performance testing training on some of the open-source tools with exposure to real-time scenarios and projects.

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