Selenium Suite

Selenium, Selenium Training In Bangalore, Selenium Course Training In Bangalore, Selenium Course Training in Mathikere, Malleshwaram, Rajajinagar, Jayanagar, Bangalore, Selenium Training In Near MeOffers various tools to full fill the Web Application automation

  • Selenium IDE – A record and placyback tool which is used to create, modify and run scripts generated. The tool is offered as an extension for Chrome and Firefox Browser.

  • Selenium Remote Control(RC) – An API for Client/Server which is used to manage the execution of scripts remotely or on local browsers.

  • Selenium WebDriver – Latest version of the selenium which offers engineers to create and execute tests either locally or remotely. Further supports multiple browsers and scripting languages like Java, C Sharp, Python etc.,

  • Selenium GRID – which is used to run automated scripts remotely to support parallel execution of scripts on multiple browsers and multiple operating systems by doing so increases the speed and scope of execution.