Online Assessment at Century IT Services

Online Assessment At Century IT Services, Bangalore

It is important to assess the knowledge gained by the student during the learning period through the assessments. On-time assessments provide many advantages such as: On-time awareness to the trainer on the knowledge acquired by the student.

Whether the student is able to apply the knowledge to related similar topics.

The capability of the student in problem-solving on the topics taught.

Identifying the improvement area for the student.

The readiness of the student for the advanced topics.

At Century IT Services, 2,000+ assessment & interview questions on various subjects are available. These questionnaires are prepared on Java, C#, Python, Selenium, Manual Testing, Digital Marketing etc. Additional questionnaires keep getting added to the repository focusing the new topics, problem-solving techniques, real-time problems etc.

Online Assessment Century IT Services

The assessments are well planned as per the major topics of the subjects. Interview Questions, general questions from the topics, related sample programs which need student’s problem-solving skills by applying the logics learnt in the training are part of the assessments.

Every week the online assessments are assigned to the students based on the topics covered till then as part of the training. Each test has a time limit varying from 40 minutes to 60 minutes with 15 to 20 questions