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About Manual Testing:

Manual Testing is a type of Software Testing in which testers manually execute test cases without using any of the tools. Manual Testing is the most basic of all types of testing. Manual testing helps to find bugs in the software system using tester’s creativity, product and application knowledge.
Any application must be manually tested before its testing can be automated.

Manual Testing requires more effort and consumes human resources. It does not require knowledge of any testing tool, but Manual Testing is practical when test cases are run once or twice and frequent repetition is not required.

It is very much necessary to check automation feasibility of the application before adapting automation. One of the Software Testing Fundamental is “100% Automation is not possible” which makes Manual Testing imperative.

Types of Manual Testing:

• Black Box Testing
• White Box Testing
• Unit Testing
• Integration Testing
• System Testing
• Acceptance Testing

Manual Testing Myths:

Myth: Manual Testing can be done by anybody
Fact: Testing requires many skill sets, domain knowledge, application or product expertise and in-depth knowledge of testing concepts.

Myth: Manual Testing ensures 100% bug-free product
Fact: Thorough Manual Testing helps to find as many defects as possible. Identifying all the defects in the application is impossible as the rule of testing itself says “Exhaustive Testing is impossible”.

Myth: Automated testing is much powerful than manual testing & money saving
Fact: 100% test automation cannot be done on any kind of an application because of many reasons such as automation tool limitations, application’s critical and complex functionalities which can be verified only through manual testing, features which cannot be automated etc. Manual Testing is essential during these kinds of scenarios.

Myth: Testing is an easy job
Fact: Testing can be extremely challenging as it requires technical competency, analytical skill, great knowledge of Testing concepts, expertise in the domain and product. Testing an application for possible use cases with minimum test cases requires high analytical skills.

Manual Testing Training at Century IT Services:

Century IT Services provides in-depth training on Manual Testing with focus on practical sessions such as creating Test Scenario and Test Cases for various real-time applications. The IT Industry experts as faculties spread lights on real-time problematic areas in Manual Testing and the issue resolutions which is the best part of the training.
The advanced Manual Testing concepts such as Mind Maps, Exploratory Testing with Mind Maps are some of the niche areas which only Century IT Services is training on in the current industry.

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