Keyword Research

Quick Guide To Do A Keyword Research For Your Business

Before start our keyword research, let us try to understand what is keyword and why it is important to optimize any content.

What is Keyword?

A keyword is a word or phrase that people query in Search Engine to get a relevant result based on their search term.
Types of Keyword. There are 9 types of keywords (source: SEOPressor)

1. Short tail keyword

2. Long tail keyword

3. Short term fresh keyword

4. Long term evergreen keyword

5. Product defining keyword

6. Customer defining keyword

7. Geo-targeting keyword

8. LSI Keyword

9. Intent targeting keywords

The above types of keywords help you determine what exactly your customer’s business is intent at.

What is keyword research? and, how to do keyword research to enhance your webpage?

Keyword research is a process of understanding customer needs. Before initiating the keyword research, following steps needs to be taken care

  • Understand your customer business: It’s a very important factor. If we are not aware of our customer business, we might miss out on the Seed or Root keywords

  • Brainstorm: After identifying your base or root keyword, brainstorm with possible keywords, which would help to build relative keywords, a business might be needing

  • Use social media platforms, blogs, article related to business and try to identify the similar or close enough keyword

  • Use tools like Google suggest, Google related searches, forums, Google trends, Quora, Reddit to have more keyword suggestions and ideas

  • Tools like LSI Graphs, Uber Suggest, Google Trends, Keywords everywhere helps a lot in determining or fine-tuning your keywords

  • Understand the keyword difficulties or competition of keywords difficulties

  • Try to choose a lesser difficulty keyword, where you have a genuine or specific user are coming to your website

  • Refer to Google Search Console. It’s a gold mine for your keyword ideas

Perform competitor analysis

Based on your keyword ideas, do a competitor analysis. It’s a good step to understand how your customer in the same/similar business performing using their keywords. What keywords (short tail or long tail) they are ranking for.

Optimize your content around keywords and synonyms

Once you finalize your keywords, it’s the time to optimize your content around the keyword. The close synonyms keyword helps to generate more leads and lands a genuine customer your website.

To sum up: Keyword research is a long process. The process does not end up in one research. It needs multiple research and understanding the user intent, difficulty of the keyword, LSI and how well your content has been written around the keywords.

Happy Keyword Researching!