Image ALT Text in SEO

Image Alt Text

What is Alt Text?

Alt text or alt txt or also known as, “alt tags” (referred to as alternative text) is used within an HTML code to describe the appearance and function of an image on a web page.

Alt text uses:

1. To understand an on-page factor for Image and improve the ranking of the website, it’s recommended to add “alternative text” or “alt txt” or “alt tags”.

2. In case of unable to load the image on the browser, Alt tags text will be displayed.

3. Alt tags attribute provide better image context to search engine crawlers, helping them to index an image properly.

Alt Text Usage

The best way to use alt txt is not to overdo the keywords or stuffing the keywords. It’s better to describe the image with right and correct keywords to help the user to find relevant images.

Best way to write good alt text

  1. Describe the image as specifically as possible. 
  2. Relevant Keyword to the Image. 
  3. Make it short descriptive 
  4. Avoid adding too many keywords. 

How to add Alt Text to your images?

Alt Text can be implemented in multiple ways

  • If you are using CMS tools like WordPress, Wix and other Open-source applications to upload an image, you find a dialog box. Update the dialog box with the relevant keyword, title, and description for the images.
  • If it is a developed website, contact the developer and give him the alternative text to the images.