FAQ in Digital Marketing

FAQ in Digital Marketing, Frequently Asked Question in Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Training

Here is few Frequently Asked Question in Digital Marketing.

What is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is a process of selling/promoting Product or Services to its prospective
customer by using online platforms like Search Engine, Social Media, Search
Engine Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Affiliate Marketing.
These channels can be used simultaneously or phase by phase, based on the need
of the hour for the business strategies

What does a digital marketer do?

Being a Digital Marketer, you are bound to strategies the Marketing requirement for your clients/customer based on the Product/Services. He/She should try to understand the business, business flow, who is the customers, what they do their targeting location, gender and other related to information. He needs strategies through different channels like SEO, Social Media, SEM, e-Mail Marketing, Mobile Marketing and any other means of online platforms to promote marketing needs. He/She should constantly understand the Data-driven and Engagements to come up with further plans on Marketing needs.

How would businesses benefit from digital marketing?

Digital Marketing has phased out the gray area of dip stick data capturing problem which is a concern in Traditional Marketing. Still, companies believe that Traditional Media Marketing has edge over Digital Marketing. When you look at the current trend and scenario, everything is moving under the umbrella of Digital Marketing. The benefit of using Digital Marketing is Reduced Cost, Real-time result, Brand awareness, Remarketing & targeting, Higher engagement, Faster Reach, Deeper dip stick and many more.

How often should I update my website?

It requires regular updates, following correct On-page and Technical SEO. It’s better to optimize contents regularly around keywords. Adhere to Google policies, not attracting negative content, cloaking or stuffing on your website. Regular and consistent Expertise, Authoritative and Trustworthy content helps you to gain the popularity of your website, will definitely help to reach on the higher ranking on SERP

Is there any frequency in publishing
the content or blog post?

Search engine loves fresh content and unique content. It indexes your site as often as
you post the content. The content should be relevant and should be consumed by
users effectively. It’s a habit to follow a content calendar to keep your
content posts regularly.

Is there any guideline to keep the length
of Blog Content?

Still, the debate is on :-). As per a few bloggers, they prefer to keep the content not less than 1980 words. That much of content is required to engage your customer. Few debates saying anything more than 300 words is sufficient to keep updating your blog content. According to me, it depends on the subject and topic you are interacting with. Some of the blogs we keep it at 1900+ and major blogs run around 300 words length.

How do I increase the click-through rate?

Your headline or Title tag helps to establish the website visitors. If you have
provided a catch, relevant title tag and Description and most relevant headline
then your Click Through Rate (CTR) increases. Not every search result end up in
website link clicks. If Search Result needs more website link clicks then your
title tag, description, headline and landing page determines.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

As the name refers, optimizing your website result on the Search Engine. For example, if someone is searching for “Best Digital Marketing Agency” the search engine basically looks for the relevant keyword, content, internal and external links and many other aspects to show it on the first page of the Goole. To optimize your website, one has to follow Google recommendation and best practices. There are a few techniques and processes to be followed to establish SEO. They are On-page factors and Off-page factors. When your website achieves these best practices and recommendation, then they definitely resulted on the first page of the Google search result page.

Why is SEO important?

There are very few people who visit a particular website directly through the browser. Majority of the people are searching websites through a search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. Search Engine Result page determines which website to be consumed by the searchers. To make your website for consumable to others, SEO is a very important step.

What are keywords?

Keywords are the lynchpin to website and search results. Keywords are a very important factor when you perform SEO. The digital marketer needs to understand the user intent before performing keyword research and analysis. He has to know the different types of keywords, search-related queries, trends for that particular keyword, latent and semantic of the keyword.