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Canva Tool for Social Media Creative?

Here we go. Canva is a user friendly and drag and drop
featured software, which helps to make your any creative attractively.

If you want to run a Facebook, Twitter, Insta, LinkedIn, or Gifs, you have templates in Canva, which helps to build the creative. This tool does not require any pre-designing requisite as anyone can try hands-on Canva. Moreover, it is an online platform, where it helps to build your creations using the Objects, Images, design tools, fonts and many more..


How to use Canva?

Go to Google and in Search Box type Canva

Canva Google Search


Click on the link Canva

Canva Search Result


Use existing FB or Gmail account or Register with your email id

Registering The Canva Account


After sign-up or verification of email id your screen would look like below

Canva Interface


On the left side of the website, anyone can see the instruction. Templates, Photos, Brand and other information

Canva sitemap


On the right side of the application, there are predefined templates or Custom dimensions

Canva Interface


Want to customize the design size or has to use our own size then click on the below link as shown

Custom Dimensions


Canvas will look like this, once you provided with the Custom dimension

Canva Template


Multiple options to create the designs.

Canva Options to Select


Once the design is completed, there are options to download or share the templates

Canva Download Options



Canva is a very simple software, which helps to do a Great
design for your Brand or Product. Anyone can use this software to design and
build their dream designs.